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  • I have purchased many books from iBooks store and I like reading ebooks on my iPhone. However, I often feel very tired after I keep reading on the small screen for a long time. I wonder if there is any way that could allow me to view ebooks on a bigger screen, for example, read iBooks on PC.
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  • Hi, Elizabeth. Thanks for your inquiry. Actually, there are many others who also want to know how to read iBooks on PC. In order to make everything easy to understand, I made a summary of the following information for your reference. Hope it is helpful to you.
  • iBooks with its own unique ebooks features attracts millions of readers indulging in reading. Users can buy almost any fashionable and popular books from Apple book stores online. It always offers you suitable option to find something good to read wherever you are. Although iBooks takes advantages in ebooks over other reading apps, one issue you are faced with is that the ebooks you purchased or downloaded from Apple book shop contain Apple Fairplay DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM makes you fail to read iBooks on PC or on other non-iOS devices. You often need to remove the DRM protection and then enjoy it. Fortunately, here offers you a good tool to read iBooks on windows without worry about the DRM restrictions.
  • A Perfect Way on How to Read iBooks on PC
  • ApowerManager is a very versatile management software available on the current market, which is famous for its great utility to manage, transfer, restore, backup ,view mobile or tablet files including music, videos , messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, call logs and wallpapers etc. easily on computer. What makes itself outstanding from other tools is that this tool makes you easily enjoy iBooks on computer. Just a few steps, you will know how to enjoy iBooks on PC. This Phone Manager offers you two good ways to enjoy your ebooks on computer.
  • Way one — display in full screen and read iBooks on PC
  • As mentioned above, this Phone Manager is versatile in management of your iOS devices and it can display your iOS devices on computer in full screen. As long as you open iBooks on iPhone or iPad, you can view iBooks on computer. Follow the next steps to know how to do it.
  • Install this program on computer and then connect your iOS devices to PC using USB cable.
  • After entering the interface, open iBooks on your iOS devices.
  • Hit “Reflect” button and then slide your finger down your device screen to view iBooks on PC.
  • You can open the “Full Screen” mode.
  • This phone manager displays what’s happening on your devices with the function of “Reflect”. If you also want to share iPhone pictures or videos with your friends or family, you can use this function to display them with a bigger screen on PC. This way is very unique and if you are not customized to it, it doesn’t matter, because this good iOS manager also enables you to directly enjoy iBooks on PC.
  • Way two — transfer iBooks to PC and read it on windows
  • Although Apple DRM prevents users from reading iBooks on PC or non-iOS devices, there are many other ways you can adopt to overcome this obstacle. ApowerManager is the good channel for you to transfer iBooks directly to computer and view it on window screen. To learn how to view iBook on PC, you can keep to the following guidance.
  • After successful connecting your iOS devices with PC, enter into “Books” interface.
  • Click “Export” to transfer your iBooks to computer and you will view the ebooks with other reading apps on computer after you back to PC windows.
  • Disconnect your iDevice to PC after completion.
  • Note: In order to successfully read iBook on PC, you need to free from the restriction of the DRM. To begin with, you should open iTunes and hit “Books” menu on the left panel. Next, click “Add To” and you will see the books on your iDevices. Right click the chosen ebooks and select menu “Show In Windows Explorer” and the books will pop up in a new window. Another ways is to open directly the ebooks in the directory: “C:My Documents<user name>MusiciTunesiTunes MediaBooks” or “C:Users<user name>MusiciTunesiTunes MediaBooks”.
  • ApowerManager also allows you to add other downloaded ebooks to iDevices by clicking the “Import” button. Of course, if you want to delete some useless ebooks, it also provides you a “Delete” button to erase the unwanted books. With this multifunctional tool, you can easily manage your iBooks.
  • As one of the best applications for reading ebooks, iBooks is worthy of our exploration. In order to make our reading more comfortable and healthy, it is wise to learn good methods on how to read ibooks on PC. Now find a book you like and download it to your library to start your trip of reading.
  • OpenSCAD is a free software application for creating solid 3D CAD (computer-aided design) objects. While current versions also feature an integrated game engine, the upcoming 2.8 release will remove itblender 3d modelling3. As such, the program does constructive solid geometry (CSG). It is a script-only based modeller that uses its own description language; parts can be previewed, but it cannot be interactively selected or modified by mouse in the 3D view. 3d software mac open source free. An OpenSCAD script specifies geometric primitives (such as spheres, boxes, cylinders, etc.) and defines how they are modified and combined (for instance by intersection, difference, envelope combination and Minkowski sums) to render a 3D model.
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